What is Fastag

The National highways in India have evolved in terms of quality of roads and overall connectivity. But the drivers still have to go through the ordeal of extensive queues at Toll-Plaza’s. Manually payment of toll at the plazas by cash transactions not only results in wastage of precious man hours but results is loss of fuel without any benefit to any of the stakeholders.
To do away with these issues the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) program is launched at toll plazas across country by IHMCL (INDIAN HIGHWAYS MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED) in partnership with various banks with a dedicated lane for electronic toll collection at toll plazas. The ETC program uses RFID tags for electronic toll collection. These tags are applied on the windshield of the vehicle and are automatically recognised by the RFID tag readers installed at toll-plaza’s. These tags, known as ‘Fastag’ will have dedicated lanes at the Toll-Plaza’s which will be known as the FasTag lane and will be accessible to dedicated ETC lanes also known as ‘Fastag Lane’

How to get Fastag?